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Industrial Electrical Services

Industrial Electrical Services In Oakville & Toronto

At Parklane Electrical, we have a long-standing tradition of electrical excellence - being one of the leading industrial electricians in Ontario, Canada. We have worked in many manufacturing, processing and warehouse facilities across the region and have built long-lasting relationships with many clients.


If you need professional electrical services in Ontario, look no further than Parklane Electrical. 

Electrical Infrastructure Relocation, Machine Installation/Relocation, Construction & Service For Industrial Clients

Ready to take on any industrial project, Parklane Electrical provides services for all stages of operations. Whether you are planning to expand your industrial facility, need to upgrade your equipment or do scheduled maintenance, we are your go-to industrial electrician in Ontario.


Some of the common technical solutions for industrial clients include electrical relocation, machine relocation as well as installation, construction and support of various electrical works for industrial clients.​

Troubleshooting Problems & Service Upgrades: On-Time And On-Budget


In an ever-evolving market, every industrial facility needs to keep track with the latest technologies and meet the highest standards of excellence. At Parklane Electrical, we will take the time to work hard and exceed your expectations in all types of electric endeavors.


As a leading industrial electrical service provider in Ontario, we can get extremely complex and technical - allowing you to benefit from our services but also get custom electrical solutions that are tailored to your needs.


For more information about our industrial electrical services, contact us today.

  • Machine Installation

  • Machine Relocation

  • Electrical Construction and Engineering

  • Preventative Maintenance

  • Power Surveys

  • Troubleshooting Problems

  • Service Upgrades

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