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Fire Alarm Systems

Your first choice for the best Fire Alarm electrical services in Oakville & Toronto

Rely on us to provide the best Fire Alarm electrical services in Ontario. Our team at Parklane Electrical have been working on a wide range of fire alarm systems - to ensure every client that their commercial or industrial property is safe against fire and up-to code. 


We offer Fire Alarm Control Panel installation, panel changes, wiring, and upgrades- all of which is required to keep your Ontario Fire Alarm Systems functional.

Expert Fire Alarm Services: On-Call Service, Evacuation, Deficiency Repair And Monitoring

We have installed countless fire alarm systems, ensuring exceptional standards of work. Using products from leading manufacturers, we can provide the best emergency and deficiency repairs and support to your Life Safety Systems. 


Parklane Electrical is a registered CFAA member.


Panel Changes, Elevator Upgrades, FA Circuit Additions/Deletions


We install and service a wide range of fire alarms for domestic and commercial clients. Our wide range of services can also help you with specific issues such as panel changes, repairs, elevator electrical upgrades, FA circuit additions, emergency lighting installation and other services.


We always strive to be on-time and within your budget with our fire alarm installations. For more information about our services, contact us today via phone or email.

  • Panel changes

  • TSSA/Elevators electrical upgrades

  • Additions and deletions of FA circuits

  • Fire Alarm Service / Panels (including new and retrofit systems)

  • Monitoring Panels (DVAC/Wireless)

  • Emergency Lighting

  • Evacuation Systems

  • Deficiency Repairs

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